Frequently Asked Questions


No, single board computers like Raspberry Pi are not allowed.

The arena will be made using wood and in case any coating is applied, it will be mentioned here.


After the discussion with Judges, we decided to give relaxation of the weight for Robot above maximum weight but 1 point per Kg will be deducted for the robot above maximum weight limit


Yes, you can still participate in ‘Build and Fly Quadcopter’ if you do not have/plan to use FPV. In that case, the pilot can, of course, not move outside the designated area; but he/she can utilize the support of another person (helper) during the runs to help with line of sight to pass through different gates.

The shape of the circuit/lap can differ from what is depicted in the theme! What is depicted in the theme is just to show the high-level concept of the arena. The circuit/lap could for example have a zig-zag or a different shape too.

The Build and Fly Quadcopter Contest will separately be run in parallel for the two groups of participants as follows:

•Group 1 will comprise of participants studying at A level/Intermediate level (or equivalent), or below.

8•Group 2 will include participants that are university students or professionals.

The ‘Build and Fly’ Exhibition segment does not actually have any contest per se. It is simply a segment where participants could demonstrate their capabilities to fly aerial vehicles. Each team will be given four minutes each to exhibit their flying capabilities, based on which the panel of judges will chose the best team that will be awarded with certificate and shield.

It is indeed open to all types of electric aerial vehicles, i.e helicopters, quadcopters, planes etc with no size limits. All teams are however required to follow the field and safety rules as mentioned in the rules section of the theme document.

Yes, to encourage and facilitate the school/college students to participate in the contest, we allow them to use off-the-shelf RTF solution, kits.

No, each participating ‘Group 2’ team is required to build their quadcopter (and NOT simply buy an off-the-shelf RTF solution, kit, etc.) while taking into account the requirements specified in the theme document.

Yes, you can still participate in ‘Build and Fly Quadcopter’ if you do not have/plan to use FPV. In that case, to facilitate and encourage participation, we may possibly relax the rules a bit, e.g. the pilot could be allowed to move outside the designated area to help with line of sight to pass through different gates.


Self designed converter allowed, ready-made modules are not allowed

Any and all types of omni-wheels cannot be used.

The component list is updated, you can use any of the sensor mentioned in the list or can make your own color sensor by using the discrete components mentioned in the list.

According to the Theme and Rules under heading Retry, when a team takes a retry it is only allowed to restart the robot. Changing the microcontroller or reprogramming the robot is
not Allowed.

You may include a switch for deciding between the two arenas.

Yes, you can have separate code made for red and blue arena and you can burn the code/change the controller once the arena is assigned after the coin toss. However, according to the ""Theme and Rules"" under the heading Retry you cannot reprogram/change the controller once the match has started and the robot has entered the arena.

Yes you can use gate driver ICs and other logical gate ICs to develop the logic and gate driver circuitry of H-Bridge., Indigenous,

For Qualifying Rounds, points of the last retry will be considered.
For Final Rounds, points for only the latest retry will be considered. Every time a team takes a retry, its points will be reset to zero.

It is compulsory for the participants to design, etch and fabricate the electronic circuitry by themselves. The participants must not use any pre-fabricated board or electronic circuitry. Any type of the electronic board or circuit must be etched by the students themselves Circuits should not be fabricated by the help of any professional developers. Machine etched boards are not allowed. (i.e Green pcb boards are not allowed).

A single team can bring more than one robot however; one team cannot compete with more than one robot under one registration. Each robot will be registered separately under a different group leader

The robot will be placed "Behind the starting line"

Yes they are allowed to recode during the prep time of around 1 minute, however once start whistle is blown coding is not allowed.

 Please refer to Annex A of the updated theme document, which now includes comprehensive information on this aspect. You can download the latest version of the theme document from our website for further guidance.

Yes, powerbank modules like these can be used.


You cannot use L293 Shield and L298 Module for lifting mechanisms. You can only use L293D IC and L298 IC for the said purpose.


Yes, you are allowed to use laptop or other devices to control the state of switch. However, programming/reprogramming or changing code of the robot is not allowed after the run starts.

Yes, the components that are the part of the kit are allowed to be used in the modular category. If Gyro sensor is part of the kit then its allowed to be used.

Contestants can use Lego or similar kits that include a programmable brick/smart brick and sensors that come along with the brick.

If you're uncertain about the eligibility of your kit, contact the competition organizers for clarification before the event. The organizers can be contacted via email and include as much details about your kit as possible (pictures, online link, data sheet etc).

The particpants can be of Grade 6 to Grade 12 or first year university students.

After collecting the ball the robot must cross the check point A, if the robot crosses the check point A line from any other point other than the 2 grids marked as checkpoint A, it will be a forced retry.


Contestants can use Arduino/Logic-based ready-made kits or create custom kits using Arduino or similar controllers or logic-based ICs.

No these both categories are different
But theme is same for both categories

Controllers with built in Wifi or wifi add on modules are not allowed

Failure to follow allowed paths shall result in a forced retry.